Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dancing Crayons Poncho

But, here’s my confession of Boneheaded Knitting Maneuver #1.

This project was on hold for a Loooooong time. All the various yarns and the pattern and the needles in their package were in a large tote bag. Taunting me from under the work table that I couldn’t just Waiting patiently for me to decide to add another square or just sew the buttons on and be done.

So, when I went back to work on this project a couple of weeks ago, I pulled out the needles from their package labeled US9 and picked up/cast on the last square and knit away (you know where this is going, right?) for thirty rows or so. Then I thought, Man, I sure seem to be knitting a lot tighter than I used to, and Gee this square seems to be pulling in a little more than the others. Because the needles in the package were US7. Argh.

Dancing Crayons Wrap - gauge issues
My shame, here on the blog for all to see

I’m ordinarily a Do It Right sort of knitter. But ripping and re-knitting those 2500 stitches was not on my agenda. So, I wet the offending stitches and blocked them hard overnight to see if I could get away with my laziness. Score: Laziness 1 – Offending Stitches 0. No one will ever know. You won’t tell will you?

Dancing Crayons Wrap
Yes, in fact, the Xmas lites ARE still up on the deck

What have I learned? Check the needle size when you pull out an old UFO. Better yet, check the stupid needle size before you put it away in “its” package!

I’ve got some ends to weave in at SnB tonight to really and truly be Done. But, I’m wearing it now, it’s very warm and cozy, and perfect for our chilly house.

Dancing Crayons Wrap - Done
Unwoven ends, flapping in the breeze


Pattern: Dancing Crayons Poncho, by Chris Bylsma

Yarn: The base yarn is Classic Elite Montera, with many and various accent yarns

Needles: US9, except when the Us7's jumped into the bag

Gauge: n/a

Started: I think sometime in 2005

Completed: 1/15/2008

Finished Size: Large

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